Sunday, January 27, 2013

Laundry Detergent Make & Take Class

If you’re in the Salt Lake area on Thursday, February 7th from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. [open house style], join us for an educational, fun night of making laundry detergent using all natural ingredients with doTERRA essential oils!  Yea!  You know you want too.  It’s time I update my stash [as you can see] so I thought “why not invite my friends over to make some for themselves, or at least see how easy it really is to make?”  It is a more natural way to wash your clothes without the toxins that are in most of the options out there, for a fraction of their cost [you usually spend @ $0.25-50/load at the grocery store].  And the best part, you get to do it with some other ladies!  I have found it to be cloth diaper safe; but it’s a use at your own caution.  I have Fuzzibunz cloth diapers and some Hemp inserts and have had no problems with repelling or diaper stink.

The class includes the following:
-          FREE for anyone who just wants to come and see how we make it
-          Make and Take detergents:
-          $7.00/quart for Everyday Laundry Detergent w/Citrus Bliss Essential Oil @60 loads = $0.11/load
-          $7.00/quart for Whitest Whites Laundry Detergent w/Lime Essential Oil @60 loads = $0.11/load
o   $6/quart if you bring your own jars@60 loads = $0.10/load
-          Quart Jar for each detergent you make
-          Sticker label for the top or front of the jar
-          Recipes for the detergents
-          Optional Add-ons
o   $1.00/each Vinyl Lettering for the jars
o   $7.00/each Flip Top Glass jars
-          Please comment, email, message, text, or call me if you want to make and take home.
o   Melina Maughan
o   801.867.0552
o   I will also send my address this way as well.

I’m sure as you’ve browsed through all the Pinterest ideas you have come across a few of these recipes and have thought to yourselves “I’d like to make this one day” and you pin it, and it’s been months or years and you still haven’t made it!  Well, now is your chance.  I have done all the leg work by gathering all the supplies you need.  So come on over and make some.  Why not?

Some pros and cons to homemade laundry detergent:
-          Guaranteed to save you $$money, this is very cost effective, and since laundry detergent is a staple in your home, and used on a daily or weekly basis, you must purchase it, so why not save money?
-          It’s more natural, you know everything that is in it.
-          Gets rid of the washing machine stink.  The doTERRA essential oils used have natural antifungal, antiseptic properties, so it passes those along to your washing machine while it helps to clean your clothes!
-          High Efficiency compatible, that’s what type of machine I have; only using 1 TBSP per load.
-          It’s fast to make and you can make it in bulk for your storage room, and the quart jars are much slimmer and take up less room than the big boxy boxes or cartons of commercial detergent.  You can even put this in your emergency storage!
-          Great for practical gifts as well, because we all need clean clothes, right?
-          For some of you, you have to take the time to make it yourself…and that’s all I could think of

Have I convinced you yet, to just give it a try?  Again, I will do all the leg work and gather all the supplies you need.  So why will I do this and seem to care so much?  It’s definitely not to make a profit, since the costs pretty much just cover all the supplies; I may make a few pennies.  It is because I care about living a healthier lifestyle, and by making your own detergent, that is one step to a healthier lifestyle.  I love to share exciting, healthy information that I learn.  And I obviously care about you, since you are invited!  Also, it’s hard to take the step to figure out the project and just do it, so I am the avenue in which you can take that step.  And for the really straight answer, I just like doing stuff like this.  So come on over.

Again, I need to buy enough ingredients, so please comment, email, message, text, or call me with what and how many quarts you want to make and take home if you want to do that option.

Melina Maughan
I will also send my address that way as well

This is what is included for only $7 each:  Quart Jar, Sticker Label, All the supplies to make your detergent & the recipe!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

8 it Great

Happy 8 years to  us!  What a fun time it has been.  Traveling, camping, relaxing, fixing up, houses, romance, fun, adventures, kids.  Life is great.  We got to celebrate in the OC of California this year, thanks to our amazing mom's taking the kids a few days each.  Now, it wouldn't be Adventure Maughan style if it weren't packed full of fun, so here it is!
Riding Segway's on the Beach w/these guys
This ended up being one of our favorite things, probably because it was a new thing.  The minute I stepped on it to learn I just laughed for 5 minutes, the feeling of those things are crazy, moving exactly when you do.  So weird.  By the end though, I was a pro [better than Spencer might I add!]
 Yup, he biffed it, like 3 times!  boys...

 Uphill with no hands!  Woooo

 Then, we ate dinner at Pizza Lounge [here] and it was AMAZING!
after which we saw Les Miserable.  So great.
 The following day we took a hike on their rolling hills then walked along the beach.  It was pretty windy, and mid 50's so not too warm.
awww....I had to...
we soaked in the hot tub, had dinner, then went for couples' massages! [my head to toe]
 Our last day I totally switched up Spencer's plans and suggested we go to Knottsberry Farm.  Man, we are just not as young as we used to be.  But then we see many other adults there and think 'what is our problem!'  The first ride, Boomerang, just twisted and threw our brains and stomachs about that it took a couple hours to recover.  It was still fun, nonetheless, no lines, so great.
 And cold, like I mentioned before.  We didn't pack warm enough jackets.  Still not bitter like Utah though!
 We used our peppermint doTERRA essential oil like after each ride to try and calm our heads and stomach.  Also, lemon oil in water all day!

 we ended at Simply Fondue [here].  It was nice and so yummy.  Such a fun date night place to go now and then.
 We ended the trip at the Newport LDS Temple.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Homemade Bathroom Cleaners

After seeing many cleaners online and in magazines, I finally made the time to read what they were made of and see how truly simple they are!  Since starting to use doTERRA Essential Oils a few months ago, I am more driven to make all my natural around the house items I have been thinking about for years.  I started with my bathroom cleaners.  I cannot stand the chemicals in the normal cleaners, and find myself only half breathing so I can save myself from some of the fumes!  However, I have children now, who are often within range of me cleaning and will be doing the cleaning themselves sooner than later.  They don't know how to half breath to take in less of these toxic cleaners fumes, so I got myself into gear and figured this out!  Now I am worry free when I clean, and actually kind of look forward to cleaning my bathrooms...shhhh I know, weird.  But they smell so good and the essential oils have uplifting properties in them so it's even better, and I don't cringe when I clean now.  My recipes came from doTERRA's Living Spring 2012 issue.  They are SO SIMPLE and have worked great in my home.  I hope you enjoy!

 My awesome cleaner caddy with all-natural, yummy smelling cleaners!

This is my BEFORE using the normal chemical cleaners!
Happy fume free cleaning, 
Please feel free to contact me to learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils and how you can get your own!

Click here for PDF Printable  
Homemade Cleaners in my Bathroom
with doTerra Essential Oils

All-Purpose Spray
A general disinfectant, for countertops, doorknobs, light switches, ect…
¼ cup White Vinegar      (1/8 cup) for a half batch
2 cups Water                      (1 cup)
1 tsp. Borax                        (1/2 tsp.)
30 drops Essential Oil      (15 drops)
Add ingredients to a glass spray bottle, then shake thoroughly before each use.
Essential oils to try:
15 drops each of Lavender & Lemon
10 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint & Wild Orange
30 drops On Guard

Window/Glass Cleaner
1/8 cup Vinegar
1 cup Water
10-15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
Mix ingredients in a glass spray bottle.  Shake and apply.  Wipe clean.

Toilet & Sink Cleaner
Baking Soda
¼ cup Vinegar
10 drops Melaleuca Essential Oil
Combine the Vinegar & Melaluca essential oil in a glass dispenser.
I shake the amount of baking soda I want to use in the toilet (1/4 c.) or sink (1 Tbsp.) first, and then add the vinegar/essential oil mixture.  Scrub to clean.  In the sink you will see it react, bubbling.  Kids love to watch this!

Bottles & Containers
16 oz. Glass spray bottles $1.78/ea
I use two of these, one for the All-purpose spray the other for the Glass Cleaner
Syrup Dispenser $3.00
I use this for my Toilet Sink Cleaner – Vinegar & Melaluca essential oil
Rubbermaid Plastic Canister $3-5.00
I keep my Baking Soda in here, so it is easier to sprinkle out into the toilet and sink
Caddy $8-10
to hold the cleaning supplies
**I use GLASS containers for any mixture the Essential Oils are in, as the essential oil can be absorbed into plastics**
**I am sure you can use any essential Oils, but I use doTERRA.  They are 100% pure.  Here is a great article that explains further  

Baking Soda:  scrubs, whitens, deodorizes and cuts grease
Vinegar:  Kills germs, cuts grease, deodorizes and dissolves mineral deposits
Borax:  Disinfectant.  Kills germs, bacteria, fungi and deodorizes
Liquid Castile Soap:  Vegetable-based soap commonly found in health food stores (look for unscented)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Triathlon Time!

     Spencer & I completed the Shark Attack Sprint Triathlon in Riverton on June 16th.  It was a really fun experience, and we will most likely do more!  I had been training since January with my sister who really helped me get into a good workout groove.  If it hadn't have been for her, I probably would not have done this yet!  When we started I could run for maybe 1/4 mile.  I am not a runner, and do did not enjoy it, I could go hike for 10 miles no problem!  I can now run 1.5 - 2 miles straight, which is plenty for me, and it's not too bad!  
     A couple things factored into us finally signing up for this tri.  First, Carla getting me up at 6 am to work out 3-4 days a week.  Second, uncle Sam helping us out with some new Cannondale hybrid bikes [mix between a road and mountain bike] from Infinite Cycles bike shop.  Third, Spencer's old employer sponsoring us, paying for our race fees, swimming pass and shirts!  

Our triathlon included:  Swim 300 yards, Bike 11.5 miles, Run 5k (3.1 miles)

Melina's stats:  finished #166 of 197
Swim: 8:53
transition time: 2:47
Bike: 54:38
transition time: 1:29
Run: 35:17
Overall Time: 1:43:04

Spencer's stats: finished #132 of 197
Swim: 9:04
transition time: 2:43
Bike: 48:49
transition time: 1:02
Run: 30:49
Overall Time: 1:32:27

now for the picture story...
Number time, it's official
 We have no idea how this is going to pan out!
 I was not worried about the swim.  Got into it with a couple big guys, but passed them and went on my way.  Only drawback here was how warm the water was!  Not fun to swim in that heat.
 I started to swim w/o my goggles on...oopes!  You can see me come up and put them on while Spencer is just getting in.
 I am taking this seriously!  Posing gave me a good excuse to catch my breath.
 300 yards, done
 Transition to the bikes!
We rode together for 3 minutes on the bike, then  Spencer quickly passed me on the rest.
 Our cheering section, arrived right before we came in on the bike.  This is where I teared up, as soon as I saw that sweet little boy waving with excitement and a huge smile on his face!
 11.5 miles, done
 Our parents were so great in bringing the kids out there and supporting us
 Carla was amazing to be there at 6:45 a.m. to take pictures of all our events.  Then it was so nice for Matt and EZ to come as well.  Now they can't wait to join us on the next one!
 Running strong to the finish line!
 and now it's time for Spencer to break down!
 Our friends joined us and helping with advice along our training.  They killed their race times!
 5k, done and feeling great!  My knees do not like the running, hence my knee braces on.  But they didn't give me any trouble during this run and I was able to run most of it and finish 10 minutes earlier than expected.  (I've been running it in 40-45 minutes, finished in 35!)
 I carried my biggest fan across the finish line
 We can do hard things!
 Thanks PMI for the sponsorship
 Love these bikes
Mine has had shifting problems, probably from being knocked to the ground.  Unfortunately I had the most problems on this race ride, not being able to use my 2nd gear.  So I rode most of it in my 3rd gear, which I was ok with.  However, my chain fell off during the race, right as i started going up a small hill! ugg...I have maybe fixed a chain once, 15 years ago!  I was lucky to figure it out and get it right back on and get myself up that hill with no momentum.
WE DID IT!! And barely sore after.  We went to the zoo two hours later, then I took a 3 hour nap! then we jumped on the trampoline and took a walk.  Still gotta keep moving!
You can see some more pictures on our Picasa Web Album here

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Green Smoothies

The first week in January my sister and I started our weekly Green Smoothie making...and we are still going!  Spencer thought it'd only last a couple weeks.  Smoothies aren't a new thing to me, I'd make them for breakfast every day and take them to work, for years, until my babies came, then I made them less and less and ate cereal instead.  They were fruit smoothies, no sugar though.  I started to add a tiny bit of spinach towards the end, but not much because I'd perfected my yummy shakes!  My mom emailed me about The Green Smoothie Girl.  I spent a couple hours just reading through her site, her story and information.  I was very interested.  A couple months later I checked out her book from the library.  It is a really great, informative read on why greens are IMPERATIVE to our health; however, she is completely biased and talks a lot of trash on how unhealthy our processed foods are, and all the meats we consume are so bad for us.  So don't get offended or turned off, just take read the info she has to offer!  I wanted to be more healthy.   I did these green smoothies for a week, then got sick of them, and it was too much time, well I didn't make time for it well enough.  Wanting to eat a raw diet is a very huge undertaking, and is a complete overhaul and change on most of our diets.  It is too big for me, so I am starting a little at a time.  One thing at a time.  Veggies aren't my strong point, they are rarely served in my house, unfortunately.  I'm just not a fan, and don't know how to prepare them great so we like them enough.  However, I can do smoothies!  Growing up my mom made lots of different concoctions throughout the years, so I've learned to try new things, and tolerate them knowing that they are healthy for me.  Knowing the health factor, I was always willing to eat and drink what she made.  So, going into these green smoothies, I was only a little hesitant.  My sister, Carla, got us moving, saying she wanted to give them a try.  So here we are, 4 months into it and not planning on stopping!  We started making 3 batches per week, and have gradually worked our way up to 9 batches between our families!  We started with the recommended 1 pint/day, for all 4 adults and a cup for Allstar.  The hubs are really great and giving this a try with us, they know the benefits outweigh the flavor!  Spencer & I are now drinking the recommended quart/day.  Carla is almost at a quart and Matt is sticking with his pint.  Allstar loves them and will drink almost a pint everyday as well!  We definitely feel the health benefits, and on the days we don't have them we do feel that loss.  We did a Green Smoothie Cleanse for 3 days, eating a normal breakfast, then only drinking green smoothies for the rest of the day (2+ qts).  We wanted to do this to cleanse our bodies from the daily processed foods we eat everyday, and to help me lower my sugar & sweets intake!  Spencer & Carla almost threw up, and could only handle 1+ qt the second two days.  I did fine, drinking 2+ qts per day. I didn't crave any sweets until the last night, probably because that is when my body was cleansing the sugar out, so I craved it more!  The next day, back to regular food, I had a little bit of sugar, then that weekend my sugar crave was back with a vengeance!  Uggg...I am regulating.
Fortunately, I have the #1 tool needed to break down the greens to a smooth consistency, the VITAMIX!  Spencer surprised me with it a couple years ago.  I blend the shakes and Carla tops and puts them away.  We make enough for the week, and put them in the freezer, taking them out each night to thaw for the next day!  Easy peasy.  1-1.5 hrs in one day for the week, that's doable.
1 Quart of Green Smoothie contains a minimum of 12 servings of Fruit & Vegetables! 
 Getting started, our spread when we started, the table is full now!  Today a friend joined us to give it a try!  We had to expand to 2 tables, yay!  We are usually in the garage because Allstar is taking a nap.
 the spread.  Don't those colors look appealing!
 Green green jelly bean!  That's right my friend.  Don't let the color scare you!
Drinkin' like it ain't no thang!
 Drinking on and off since he was 1 year old!
Our base Green Smoothie Recipe
(from Robyn Openshaw, the Green Smoothie Girl)
makes @ 9 cups (2.5 qts usually)
1/2 greens 1/2 fruits.  You can do less greens more fruit while "converting"
2.5 cups Water (or part almond or coconut milk)
1-2 Tbsp. 3-6-9 Fish Oil Blend
1/4 Lemon (rind and all)
1/4 cup Agave or a small amt of Stevia
Add greens until mixture is up to the 5.5 cup line:
Handful of Kale, Collard Greens, Chard, many opts!
3+ handfuls of Spinach
Add fruits:
2 bananas
8-10 frozen Strawberries
1/2 cup frozen Mixed Berries
1/2 cup frozen Blueberries
other various fruits, whatever is in season
1.5 Orange
1/8 Pineapple
add more blueberries to make it more of a purple color than green
I usually get the spinach & bananas from Costco or Walmart, greens from any grocery store, all frozen berries from Costco, other fruits from Costco or grocery store.